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Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics (OSIG)

Upcoming Events

The Impact of Soil Damping on Pipeline Fatigue and Spanning
September 7, 2018
Cost: Members $35 and Non-Members $40. Student Members Free, and Student Non-Members $10

The webinar will present several examples demonstrating how damping levels are often underestimated. The examples will focus on field data, model test results and numerical simulations to evaluate damping levels. Observed field response of building under earthquakes, model test results of conductors and offshore steel jackets, and the ground response for a thick clay deposit will be presented. Finally results of numerical simulations of a pipe embedded at the seafloor and subjected to vertical excitation will be discussed. In this case the radiation and material damping components are independently identified and a combination rule proposed. The damping levels in these simulations were found to be much greater than damping values recommended in existing codes. These higher damping values can have a significant impact when evaluating fatigue life for pipelines subjected to slugging or for evaluating acceptable span lengths.


Integrity and Risk Assessment of Pipelines and SCRs
September 28, 2018
Stress Engineering Services Inc
Cost: Members $400 and Non-Members $500

Delivering safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions to complex and challenging problems is the ultimate goal in our industry. Currently, the codes and standards lack specific guidance on geotechnical soil modelling for pipelines and SCRs (steel catenary risers) and strength analyses. This 1 -day workshop will provide a platform to stimulate a discussion and interaction between industry and researchers, and highlight the current state-of-practice and knowledge gaps in pipelines and SCRs.
Workshop topics:
  • Current practice in soil modelling for pipelines and SCRs, and knowledge gaps
  • Implications of knowledge gaps in the current practice on delivery of safe, reliable, and cost effective engineering solutions
  • Recent developments made towards addressing knowledge gaps and performance feedback
  • Field monitoring and evaluation of predictive tools
  • Mitigation and control methods
  • Future activities needed to address knowledge gaps.

UT3 Issue Two 2018

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