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The Importance of Soil damping for Dynamic Offshore Geotechnical Problems with Special Consideration of Pipe-Soil Interaction
Pipeline soil damping longer fatigue lifePresented by:
Ed Clukey
The Jukes Group

In dynamic soil-structure interaction problems soil damping is an important consideration for assessing both limit state and fatigue conditions as well as ground response for earthquake conditions. It is also, relative to the strength and stiffness characterization of the soil, less clearly understood by geotechnical engineers. Part of the challenge is that for soils the damping is derived from two sources. 

The webinar will present several examples demonstrating how damping levels are often underestimated. The examples will focus on field data, model test results and numerical simulations to evaluate damping levels. Observed field response of building under earthquakes, model test results of conductors and offshore steel jackets, and the ground response for a thick clay deposit will be presented.

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UT3 Issue Two 2018

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