Dr. Jack Templeton


Dr. Jack Templeton SUT Course Speaker

Jack Templeton is a graduate of Drexel (BSME, MS in Applied Mechanics) and Tulane (Dr. of Engineering) Universities. He is currently President of SAGE USA, Inc. and has served with SAGE affiliate companies for nearly 25 years, following over 25 years in large corporation technical and leadership positions.

Dr. Templeton has been engaged in finite element analysis since his space program experience of the 1960's and has worked in soil mechanics research and applications since the 1970’s. He led the Offshore Soil Mechanics and Offshore Site Evaluation groups at Exxon Production Research Company in the 1980’s when EPR originally sponsored the development of finite element soil mechanics capability in the ABAQUS program.

In the 1990’s, he became the first independent consultant to offer this capability to the offshore industry. Since that time he has specialized primarily in finite element solution of offshore geotechnical and geophysical problems.

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